Pattern Notes

My patterns get tested multiple times by myself and independent testers, but sometimes things get missed. My processes are constantly changing to attempt to catch as many errors as possible prior to release.

I have listed all known post-release updates below. If you find an error not already listed for one of my patterns, please recontact me so I can update the patterns.


Page 1, Background Cutting Diagram, Only 6 of piece "N" are needed, so they only need to be cut from the last 2 Fat Quarters. The table with final piece counts is correct. 



Page 4, Step 3, The final set of Half-Rectangle Triangles should be labeled XHh-L (fig. 3.12) and XHh-R (fig. 3.13)


Poison Apple

The first round of printing was missing 2 sections of assembly, if you have one of these copies please email chris@rosecityoriginals and we'll send you a PDF of the missing sections