2023 Community Quilt Project

For all of 2023, I'll be working on a Community Quilt made exlusively from fabric sent in by my followers!
Throughout the year, I'll post periodic videos of block creation on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube. 

Want to participate? Here is how:

  • Send in a single piece of fabric that is rough cut to about 6"-7" square (15-18cm).
  • All fabric should be clean, in good condition (no holes and not thread bare), is quilting or apparel weight and is machine washable.
  • A single square of fabric, along with a note can fit into a standard envelope and should weigh less than 1oz, meaning it will only require 1 USPS First Class Stamp.
  • If you include more than 1 square, please write the number of included squares on the back of the envelope as I won't be opening them until they are selected for a quilt square. 
  • If you want to include a note about the fabric, feel free to do so, but it is not a requirement. 
  • I will say who & where the fabric is from in the videos (First name & City/State only), if you wish to remain anonymous, please include that in your return address on the envelope.
  • Deadline to submit squares is currently October 31st 2023 but may be adjusted depending on volume.  I will do my best to include all submitted squares, but depending on volume of submissions this project may extend into 2024 or additional community quilts. 

Send your squares to:

Rose City Community Quilt
PO Box 20031
Portland,OR 97294

At the end of the year, the completed quilt will be raffled off to benefit a charity.

For 2023 I have selected The Trevor Project as the recipient.
The Trevor Project’s mission is to end suicide among LGBTQ+ young people.

When the time comes to enter the raffle, participants will donate directly to the charity, no monies will be handled by Rose City Originals directly. Details will be provided when it's time to enter.