Longarm Quilt Services

Do you want me to do the top-stitch quilting on your quilt? I've decided to offer longarm quilting services on a limited basis (at least for now). 

Currently I will be offering edge to edge designs at 2¢ per square inch (including thread and hobbs 80/20 batting) which is a bit below the industry standard since I'm still pretty new at it. 
To figure out what your quilt will end up costing, measure your quilt top. 
Then multiply the Width x Height then multiply by .02
Example for a 60" x 60" square quilt.

60x60=3,600 square inches
I wasn't planning on offering binding service, but if you need that we can talk about it. 
If that all sounds good, let me know when you're ready to move forward and we can start talking about design and thread color. 



I currently only have an 8' frame, which limits me to a maximum quilt width of 80" 

I am currently quilting with a Q'Nique 16x Elite machine, so that limits the designs to a max of about 10" per row (I haven't found this to be an issue with most designs) 

I work in a smoke free, but pet friendly studio (2 dogs and 1 cat), and while the fur-babies don't take any interest in my quilting, if you have severe allergies you will need to take that into consideration. 


How it works: 

Step 1: Purchase the "Longarm Quilting Service Deposit" [HERE] (If it shows out of stock, that means I've reached my limit for the month, try back again later.)

You'll receive a download link for the order form and a digital catalog of my current Pantograph designs (also available at the bottom of this page)

Step 2: Complete the order form and ship your quilt top & backing fabric off to me. 

Be sure that you have pieced your backing fabric so it's ready to load onto the frame. The order form will include detailed instructions for prepping your quilt top and backing fabric. 

Step 3: We'll be in communication with each other to make sure we have everything just right! 

Once your quilt is done, I'll send an invoice for the remaining balance. Once payment is received I'll pack your quilt up and send it right back to you.


Available Pantographs: